The company was founded in Detva to satisfy the market  for tool production as PPS Detva.


The comapny expanded and started to produce a wider range of products.The name has changed to    Závod 03  - Náradie PPS Detva to represent this.


The company  PPS TSN, Ltd was established and operated under  PPS Detva Holding Plc as a separate identity. The new company’s focus was on specialised tooling, primarily for the automotive industry.The customer portfolio also changed and became more Western Europe orientated.


The company  PPS TSN became a public company and attracted a foreign investment which enabled a new modern assembly hall and fully equipped air-conditioned measuring centre to be built.


The company’s name changed again. PPS TSN became  SLAVIA TOOLS  Plc. but the company’s focus remained the same.


The company Slavia Production Systems Plc merged with the Company Chropynska Strojírna.


Further large investments enabled all the company’s activities to take place on the site. These investments helped with the company’s logistics, information technology, introduction of ERP-SAP and design office.